Published on: 16 May 2019

Our Year 4 mothers were treated to a very special afternoon tea in the Preparatory School.

The Year 4s welcomed their mothers with a cup of tea or coffee and a sweet treat before pampering them with a relaxing hand massage. The boys also presented their mothers with a handmade fridge magnet reminding them how much they loved them, and shared stories and examples of their recent work.

“This is a wonderful tradition where the Year 4 boys can show their appreciation for their mothers by looking after them,” explains Year 4 Teacher, Mr Steve O’Driscoll.

“It is a special time for the mothers to come together with their sons, and the boys can express how much their mums mean to them.”

“These traditions are an important part of the boys’ developmental journey and the process in becoming good men.”

Understanding the act and skill of giving, and building positive relationships are two important elements of the Christ Church focus. Click here to find out more about the School’s holistic and consistent approach in building good men.