Published on: 21 November 2014

A year’s work in Design and Technology is on show in the Visual Arts, Design and Technology Building. The annual Design and Technology Exhibition, which opened last Friday evening, includes the major practical projects and portfolios of Year 12 Materials Design and Technology students, as well as a plethora of products by Years 7 to 11 students.

Head of Design and Technology Geoff McGillivray congratulated the boys on their countless hours of toil, commenting on the passion of both the Design and Technology staff and the boys who willingly gave their own time to ensure that the work was of the highest quality.

Mr McGillivray said the highlights of this year’s exhibition were the Year 12 projects from Materials Design and Technology – Wood 3AB, which manifested in a vast array of furniture, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.

“This year’s exhibition displays a number of innovative projects that emerged from the collaborative effort of students in the Year 10 iOS App Development and Year 10 Mechatronics classes, with the gaming glove, LED game board and the quadcopter of particular note,” he said.

“The wooden surfboards produced by individual students from the Marine and Maritime Studies course also drew the plaudits of the surfers in the crowd.  Luthier enthusiasts were particularly impressed with the acoustic guitar and ukulele produced by the Year 111 Stage 1 Materials Design and Technology classes.”

An assortment of tools sets were awarded as prizes to the top students in Years 7 to 12 for both practical project construction and design folio development. For the list of prizewinners, click here.

Mr McGillivray said the exhibition not only showcased the very best of student work in Design and Technology but also highlighted the huge transition in skill development, creativity and innovation developed within students over the six years of study in the subject area. The exhibition will be on display until Wednesday 26 November.