Published on: 27 November 2015

The annual Design and Technology Exhibition opened to a record crowd of 250 people on Friday 13 November. The exhibition included the major practical projects and portfolios of Year 12 Materials Design and Technology students, as well as a plethora of products by students from Year 7 to 11.

This year’s exhibition displayed a number of innovative robotics projects. These emerged from the collaborative efforts of students from the Year 10 iOS App Development group and Year 10 Design and Technology-Mechatronics, who worked in conjunction with Dr Raymond Sheh from the Curtin University Computer Science Department. The robots (known as Open Academic Robot Kits) were developed outside class time under the guidance of Mr Patrick Louden, and were presented by Christ Church students as an exhibition item at the recent World Robo Cup in China.

Other highlights of the exhibition included the wooden cocktail class racer, Jackson Manuel’s (Year 12) fully operational road licensed dirt bike trailer and William Hidajat’s (Year 12) acoustic ukulele.

Head of Design and Technology Mr Geoff McGillivray congratulated the boys on the passion with which they prepared their individual and group projects and thanked the staff for their willingness to give their own time to ensure the work was of the highest quality.

The night included a presentation of prizes highlighting the work of the Year 12 Stage 3 Materials Design and Technology – Wood students, who were each awarded a certificate of merit for their contribution to the exhibition. Their works included an impressive array of furniture constructed under the guidance of Mr Alec Barbour and Mr Geoff McGillivray.

Headmaster Garth Wynne took great delight in presenting an assortment of tool sets to the top students in Year 7 to 12 for both practical project construction and design folio development.

Mr McGillivray said the exhibition not only showcased the very best of student work in Design and Technology, it also highlighted the huge transition in skill development, creativity and innovation developed within students over their six years of study.