Published on: 20 July 2016

A team of passionate Robotics students spent their holidays in Leipzig, Germany, competing in the international robotics competition, known as the RoboCup.

The students took part in a trial competition for Rapidly Manufactured Robot League. The competition provides a transition path from the school aged, RoboCup Junior, to the university level competition, RoboCup Rescue League.

The challenge was to create a robot that would simulate a first responder rescue situation, where the robot is sent in before personnel. The robot was tested on a range of standard terrains while being controlled ‘unseen’ by an operator. 

During the first stage of the competition, each team was required to traverse a single terrain type as many times as possible within a five-minute period. In this part of the competition the boys finished first in five of the eight categories of terrain. 

In the second stage, the various ‘single terrains’ were assembled into a continuous course. Each team had ten minute blocks of time to cross as many sections of the course as possible. In this part of the competition the boys finished equal first.

“The boys were motivated and showed great resolve when the buggy was not fully functional. Working to time pressure provided a great lesson in the value of simple, reliable systems,” said Patrick Louden, Design and Technology Teacher.

The Robotics club are hoping to earn a place in the competition at next year’s RoboCup, held in Nagoya, Japan.