Published on: 27 July 2017

Prior to the end of last term our Year 5 boys took part in a surreal world event titled ‘Space Techsploration.’ Combining engaging science with immersive technology, the students got to expand their understanding of our modern-day solar system.

Each student had the chance to complete an augmented reality scavenger hunt to discover planets, stars and satellites, test their piloting skills with a Mars landing module in virtual reality, investigate planets through an online library guide and create a Hollywood style green screen movie of themselves reporting back from another planet.

“The beauty of immersive technology is that we as educators can create otherwise ‘impossible’ experiences for our students, such as walking on the surface of another planet. The barriers of time, distance, danger and expense fall away, turning passive learning into active exploration, fostering empathy, problem solving, creativity and engagement”, says Digital Learning Co-ordinator, Mr Robert Dodds.

This fun-filled day was finished off with a whole year group interactive game show to test how much they had learned through their adventures.