Published on: 3 February 2016

This season, the Midnite Youth Theatre Company will be working with some of Western Australia’s freshest designers from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Artistic director Gregory Jones said the season was going to be great fun, with the inclusion of work from guest director Trina Di Crescenzo.

“Since 1987, with the support of Christ Church Grammar School, Midnite has been committed to supporting local young artists and showcasing their talents to the wider community,” he said.

The season opens at the Fringe World Festival on Wednesday 10 February with the musical Viva La Restoration. Written by Christ Church old boy Cal Silberstein, Jackson Griggs and Thomas Owen, Viva La Restoration follows the story of two artists in a literally black and white world who seek to restore colour, which long ago disappeared. Overtly light-hearted with an occasional dark side, this new Australian musical explores themes of ambition, inspiration, power and the influence of charismatic individuals in society.

“Comedy is certainly the theme for 2016 and we look forward to a great year of outstanding performances,” Mr Jones said.