Published on: 14 May 2015

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company’s production of Assassins opened to a full house at the Subiaco Arts Centre this week. Directed by Mr Gregory Jones, Christ Church’s Director of Drama, the musical tells a comedic tale of America’s most infamous assassins.

While giving the audience a brief historical account of nine attempted or successful assassinations on America Presidents, the musical also provides a creative depiction of some intriguing and humorous characters.

The production brings together a group of highly talented 18-25 year old actors, with the inclusion of two Year 7 boys, David Jones and Dash Fewster. Both boys are thrilled to be part of the ensemble.

Old boys Cal Silberstein (2007) and Nicholas Miller (2014) grab the audience’s attention with their portrayal of Charles Guiteau and The Proprietor. Both actors have great stage presence and present strong vocal performances.

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company’s next production, Cloudstreet, will be performed at the State Theatre Centre of WA from 20-22 August. To book your tickets for this unforgettable piece of Australian drama, click here.

Assassins will run until 23 May, to book your tickets click here.