Published on: 28 August 2015

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company’s production of Cloudstreet, staged at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia closed in spectacular fashion on Monday evening. The production, performed by a group of talented students from Christ Church Grammar School, Methodist Ladies’ College, Presbyterian Ladies’ College and St Hilda’s, received high praise for their sensitive and balanced performances.

Audience members commented, “We were blown away by the talent…. so young and so talented…. they were brilliant performances.”

“Rarely have I left the theatre so engaged. We talked and talked about the content, the metaphors, the symbolism and the story line. Very special!”

There are only two productions left in the Midnite calendar, Dirty Beasts and The Jungle Play.

Intended as a follow up to last year’s Revolting Rhymes, Dirty Beasts is a collection of Roald Dahl poems about mischievous and mysterious animals. From Stingaling the scorpion to Crocky-Wock the crocodile, Dahl’s animals are nothing short of ridiculous.

Performed by enthusiastic Year 6 students, Director of Midnite, Greg Jones said the production was sure to have the audience laughing out loud.

Dirty Beasts will run from 21 September to 23 September at the Christ Church Drama Centre. To get your tickets, click here.