Published on: 30 January 2020

Members of The Midnite Youth Theatre Company have been touring the UK showcasing a mythical Australian play – Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? by Angela Betzien.

A uniquely modern legend, Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? reinvents the hero’s journey for the 21st century and propels its audience through the dangerous streets of Stab City and into the dark underworld of change and transformation.

Its cast features Christ Church students Karan Achar (Year 11), Geordie Bartle (Year 10), Leo Brown (Year 11), Daniel Clayton (Year 10), Jago Field (Year 10) and Felix Khan (Year 11), as well as students from neighbouring schools; Olivia Bunyan, Amalea Lawrence, Olivia Sartori and Lara Wood.

“On behalf of The Midnite Youth Theatre Company, I wish to congratulate these young, talented performers on a successful UK tour,” says Artistic Director of The Midnite Youth Theatre Company, Gregory Jones.

“The biannual UK tour represents a unique opportunity for young people to not only travel and perform, but also to gain new experiences and fresh perspectives.”

“The tour performed at seven schools across the UK including The High School of Glasgow, Hutcheson’s Grammar, Royton and Crompton School, Warwick School, Oldfield School, Christ’s College and Elizabeth Garret Anderson School.”

“It has been a fantastic tour, incorporating visiting artists, performances, workshops and creative experiences ahead of the Perth season which runs from 20 to 22 February in the School’s Drama Centre.”

To register your interest for the Midnite Youth Theatre Company’s 2022 UK Tour, please email

Tickets for the Perth season of Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? can be purchased here.

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