Published on: 21 August 2014

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company presented its major production of the year, Shakespeare’s Henry IV directed by Kalika Duck, at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia last week. Audiences filled the Studio Underground theatre for four evening performances.

Ms Duck said Henry IV, focusing on the turbulent reign of King Henry IV and his son’s succession, was a story about manhood. “It is bursting at the seams with characters that embody every masculine archetype including the son, father, rebel, wise man, trickster, brother, bully, saint, coward, warrior, lover, hero and king,” she said.

Artistic Director of Midnite Youth Theatre Company Gregory Jones said Henry IV brought together an outstanding cast and crew of more than 40 students from Years 7 to 12. “The production design and energy of the cast swept the audience away on all performance nights,” he said.

“In particular, Giacomo Groppoli (Year 12) as an outrageous Falstaff; Nicholas Millar (Year 12) as a menacing Percy; Jon Sweeney (Year 12) as the majestic old king, and James Weight (Year 12) as tormented Hal, the new king.”

The costumes, lighting and visual appeal of the show were also applauded. Mr Jones congratulated the ensemble cast and production team on a wonderful night of theatre at the State Theatre Centre.