Published on: 3 November 2016

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company’s production of Monkey! opened with a roar of laughter this week.

Made popular by the 1970’s Japanese television series, Monkey! tells the hilarious story of Monkey and his unlikely friends Pigsy and Sandy, as they accompany the monk Tripitaka from China to the Buddha of the Western Heaven, in search of the Sacred Scriptures of Enlightenment.

Monkey! goes far beyond the cult television series that so many of us ran home from school to watch in the 70’s and 80’s,” said Director Trina Di Crescenzo. 

“As children we delighted in the absurdity and nonsense of it all, not realising the fun and frivolity was based on the stories of Sun Wu’k’ung, the Monkey of the Mind, dating back to sixth century China. These stories came from a text so sacred that in parts of China, rituals of handwashing took place before a single chapter could be read.”

Performed by Year 7 and 8 students from Christ Church, MLC and St Hilda’s, Monkey! is executed with great wit, humour and empathy with costumes and sets to rival a professional production.

“The Year 7 and 8 students were the perfect age group to tackle this production, with childlike energy that has been a delight to work with,” said Ms Di Crescenzo.

“Their performances are brave and adventurous, playful and spirited, the perfect combination for this magical production.”