Published on: 9 May 2019

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company will be presenting Stalking Matilda, a rich theatrical extravaganza full of mystery and intrigue. This production brings together drama students from Christ Church Grammar School, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Methodist Ladies’ College and St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls.

Stalking Matilda, written by Tee O’Neill and directed by Christ Church Grammar School Drama Teacher Miss Kalika Duck, is set on the shores of the first world where asylum seekers and citizens fill the same suburbs, walk the same streets and tensions are rising.

Torn between the comfortable life of her privileged past and the struggles of her new chosen family, Matilda seeks justice, solace and a place to call home.

“The production is exciting, energetic and action packed with the cast set to perform on a traverse stage seating the audiences on two sides, creating a very intimate setting,” says lead cast member and Christ Church Drama student, Ben Dreyer (Year 10).

“Each scene has an element of conflict within it, which builds up to create a true murder mystery thriller.”

Stalking Matilda combines current social issues with the familiar beats of a classic murder mystery,” reveals Miss Duck.

“The intimate character connections and the heightened verse of chorus, creates a twisted tale of suspicion, deception and startling realisation.”

Stalking Matilda will be showing in the Christ Church Grammar School Drama Centre from 15 through 18 May at 7.30pm. Visit for tickets and performance details.

Watch Stalking Matilda interview.