Published on: 15 November 2013

The final Midnite Youth Theatre Company production of the year, The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, was staged last week in the Drama Centre from 6 to 9 November. Drama teacher Kalika Duck directed the Years 7 and 8 performance.

The play, set at a trying (and historically dubious) time in Sherwood, sees Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham plotting against the absent King Richard, taxing the poor and generally ruining the fun for everyone. It is up to Robin Hood to save Maid Marian, the Merry Men and England from the clutches of evil and learn a lesson himself along the way.

The classic story with a twist was told in true panto fashion with the audience invited to join the fun with cheering, gasping, laughing, booing and all manner of audible enthusiasm encouraged.

Miss Duck said the production was great fun for the cast, crew and audience. “The boys really enjoyed themselves in this production. It was wonderful way to finish off the year – a happy ending and lots of laughs,” Miss Duck said.