Published on: 24 April 2015

At the final Senior School Assembly of Term 1, winners of the 2015 summer sports season’s cups and trophies were announced. 

The following boys were awarded cups and trophies:

Jacob Marsh (Year 12) Captain of Boats Trophy (Best Oarsman)
Angus Hanna (Year 12) Robert Bell Trophy (Most Improved)

Brodie Albert (Year 10) Blackwood Trophy (Best Basketballer)

Angus Barber (Year 12) OBA Cup (Best PSA contribution)
Matthew Wang (Year 12) WA Hockey Association Cup (School Singles Champion)
Oliver Henderson (Year 10) Rickey / Draper Cup (School Doubles Champion)

Bradley Hope (Year 10) Cramer Cup (Best All-Rounder), Hill Cup (Best Fieldsman) and the OBA Batting Trophy (Best Average)
Alec Green (Year 12) OBA Bowling Trophy (Best Average)

Water Polo
Samuel Dobney (Year 11) Jasper Cup

Griffith Owen (Year 12) JBM Hill Cup

We congratulate all of the boys awarded cups and trophies.