Published on: 7 March 2014

Years 10 to 12 boys heard from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia’s Paul Dillon this week. Paul, who visits Christ Church regularly armed with the latest information on drugs and alcohol, also presented an evening talk for parents.

Director of Planning and Co-curricular Mark Morrissy said Paul was a highly engaging speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in drug education. “Each year, Paul’s direct approach engages the students, particularly the Year 10 boys, who are hearing him for the first time,” Mr Morrissy said.

Mr Morrissy said he spoke to Year 10s generally about drugs and alcohol, their availability and use, and about alcohol abuse, the effects and risk minimisation strategies when dealing with someone under the influence. “Paul kept the Year 10s attention for 90 minutes as well as answering a range of questions to finish the session,” he said.

The Year 11 talk focused more on the availability, use and effects of cannabis while also reinforcing the harm minimisation strategies relating to alcohol.

When addressing Year 12 boys, Paul discussed the social effects, in particular alcohol and cannabis, and the behaviours that increase risk when drugs are used in social situations. “Paul will return in October to talk to Year 12 boys again about alcohol, drugs and other issues associated with Leavers and post-school life,” Mr Morrissy said.

In the evening, Paul Dillon joined Amy Coombe at Methodist Ladies’ College’s to present two parent talks on the topic of Teenagers, Alcohol, Drugs and Self Image. Paul’s visits to Christ Church are made possible thanks to a financial contribution from the Parents’ Association.