Published on: 1 September 2016

Last week yoga mats were in high demand as yoga classes commenced at Christ Church Grammar School.

This semester, the Year 9 students rotate through a Physical Education program that provides experiences in sports and activities the boys may not normally have.

Yoga, paddle boarding, self defense and fitness are on offer, all of which have been incredibly well received by the boys.

“We have ensured that curriculum based health and wellbeing programs impacting the students are holistic and evidence-based, and the introduction of yoga is part of this offering to ensure the boys can cope with the demands of today’s fast paced life,” said Mr Luke Farmer, Head of Health and Physical Education.  

“The program provides a nice change from Mathematics and English. We are outside in nature, on the oval or even at the beautiful swan river,” said Nick Richmond (Year 9).

“I also like that we are doing activities we would never normally get the opportunity to do if we didn’t have the program, like self defense and paddle boarding.

“The activities have taught me how I can relax, work as a team, play with friends and prepare for life after school. Most importantly, I am learning how to be a more capable and independent person.”

As the Year 9 boys energise their bodies with sun salutations, the Year 12 students have been enjoying mindfulness meditation. 

“We provide the students with the opportunity to learn the theory, benefits and practice of mindfulness mediation using different modes of delivery,” said Liam Casson, Director of the School’s Wynne Centre for Boys Health and Wellbeing.

Established in 2015, The School’s Wynne Centre for Boys Health and Wellbeing is dedicated to caring for the ‘whole boy’ introducing activities into boys’ lives that make a difference to their mental and physical wellbeing.

“Many of the boys are enjoying the opportunity to learn about mindfulness meditation. They come away from the sessions relaxed and centered, ready to return to class focused and refreshed,” said Principal, Alan Jones. 

Christ Church Grammar School has a long history of exceptional pastoral care. Always taking into account each boy’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing as part of his education experience.