Published on: 15 June 2017

In Australia, almost one young male is lost to suicide every day. That male could be someone’s son, brother and mate.

This week is Men’s Health Week and the theme is about keeping a healthy balance between body and mind. Men’s Health Week explores the different ways men are managing to gain and maintain physical and emotional health, in a busy and sometimes challenging world. Young men are being asked to consider how their attitudes and behaviours can influence others’ experiences of mental health problems, and that being a good mate can make all the difference.

Throughout the week, event organisers Youth Focus have been sharing tips on how to open up, connect, listen to others, and ultimately, Mind Your Mates.

Youth Focus are inviting all students to share these tips and start a conversation.

“We believe that empowering men to reach their potential and enjoy a long, flourishing life, raising awareness and supporting the health and wellbeing of men is an important and critical community issue”, says Liam Casson, Director of The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing.

“Every man across the school community is encouraged to take up a new physical activity, challenge themselves, find a mentor, reach out to an old friend or establish new ones, stay connected and engaged physically, emotionally, spiritually.”

Collectively, we can help eliminate the stigma, shame, and weakness that young men often associate with mental health issues.

Please click here to read more on how you can support Men’s Health Week.