Published on: 13 March 2015

The 2014 IGCSE Global Perspectives cohort was awarded impressive grades in the internationally recognised course recently. The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) course, offered as a Year 10 elective, is now in its second year at Christ Church.

Head of History Richard Parker said seven boys were awarded the highest award of A*, eight boys received an A and all 22 students achieved a pass grade of C and above.

“The A* is given to those students who achieve 90 per cent or higher in their combined course mark and external examination mark, which the boys sat last November,” Mr Parker said.

The Global Perspectives course aims to challenge students’ personal outlook by examining a national issue through the lens of a global perspective. In addition to the external examination, students complete research tasks in law and criminality, and conflict and peace.

“These individual assignments help students further develop their research and critical thinking skills through designing their own hypothesis and researching global and national perspectives in connection to their chosen theme,” he said.

Students present a critical paper for assessment to the CIE before completing a final group assignment relating to poverty and inequality. Groups were required to collaborate with others globally using social networking tools, produce YouTube clips and create websites to convey their personal perspective on issues.

“The outstanding IGCSE results reflect the boys’ ability to think how contemporary global issues impact on the local community, which in turn, helps shape their own perspective,” Mr Parker said.

Pictured: (l-r): A* students James Blaxill, Alexander Lam, Harry Nicholas, Rajguru Paul, Tom Robins. Absent: Henry Martin and Timothy Moorman.