Published on: 31 May 2016

In Week 4, the Year 7 students were transported back in time when they viewed the ‘History of the World in 100 Objects’ exhibition at Perth Museum. The students investigated a range of artefacts and over two million years of human history. Below are some comments from our Year 7 historians:

“I really enjoyed learning about the history of a diverse range of artefacts from the British Museum. The artefacts gave me an insight into many different cultures from various periods of history. I learnt about different belief systems, cultural celebrations, ways of living and why and how they used the artefacts in their everyday life,” Isaac Tan.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the layout of the exhibition as it gave a smooth transition through different periods of history and cultures. The exhibition gave me an insight into many cultures I had no idea about, how those cultures were organised and what they considered valuable and important,” Hugo Gibbs.

“I really enjoyed the museum. I learned what old fashioned coins looked like and how magnificent their designs are/were. I also learned that most societies throughout the ages were very artistic,” Ben Hart.