Published on: 23 July 2020

Our Year 7 Humanities students have discovered what life was like for some of the world’s greatest civilisations.

Their latest study of Ancient Greece involved drawing comparisons between Athens and Sparta, culminating with the production of artefacts from either of the two great cities.

Topics the boys have explored include; the economy, education and women, military, government and great individuals.

“The boys thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work in pairs and exhibit their works of creativity in a museum format,” says Assistant Head of Humanities, Mr Andrew Greig.

“Each display featured an artefact, poster, and an interactive presentation on a specific topic they had researched.”

“The task required them not only to become knowledgeable on their topic, but also produce an interactive element to their display, in keeping with the style of modern exhibitions.”

From Years 7 to 10, Christ Church’s Humanities course encourages boys to explore and investigate links between subjects such as archaeology, anthropology, history, geography, sociology and commerce, and other learning areas.