Published on: 8 June 2016

The Year 8 Humanities Extension students enjoyed success at the World Scholar’s Cup last weekend. The boys participated in individual and team challenges, focusing on the topic of an ‘Imperfect World.’

Over 800 students participated in the Perth regional round, at which all four Christ Church teams qualified for the global round in Bangkok.

Notable mentions to:
Kartikeya Kaushal – chosen to compete in the Debate Showcase and awarded School Top Scholar after placing eighth in the regional debating round
Anthony Friars – winner of a Science Junior Honour Medal
Kartikeyal Kaushal, Jason Lu and Declan Barrett – fourth overall in the junior division and eighth amongst the debating teams
Jasper Coombes Watkins, Ashley Porter and Evan Vellar – eighth in the Scholars Bowl
Jason Lu – winner of a History Junior Honour Medal
Josh Fry – winner of a Social Studies Junior Honour Medal
David Jones, Kartikeya Kaushal and Jasper Coombes Watkins – winners of a Special Area Junior Honour Medals.

Teams who perform particularly well in the Global Round are then invited to the Tournament of Champions at Yale University at a later date.