Published on: 6 August 2020

In two weeks the Drama Centre at Christ Church Grammar School welcomes a new production created by The Midnite Youth Theatre Company.

Amor Fati (love your fate) will explore the binary opposition of isolation and intimacy, order and chaos, nature and culture, time and space, of a world in flux. The production incorporates a combination of storytelling, song, movement and short lectures to convey key messages.

Featured in Amor Fati are students from Christ Church Grammar School, Wesley College, Shenton College, Holy Cross College and St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls.

“The performance takes place in a giant sandbox, sculpted by light, music, movement and projected images exploring the gravity of the current situation,” says Artistic Director of the Midnite Youth Theatre Company, Mr Gregory Jones.

“we have seen an amazing amount of commitment from the Company in order to bring this piece to the stage.”

Among the cast: Katharina Brieden, Olivia Bunyan, Allegra Concanen, Ripley Cooper, Benjamin Dreyer, Nicholas Dreyer, Isabella Gethin, Rory McLaughlin, Alex Molyneux, Varad Mukhedkar, Ben Nowrojee, Luke Nixon, James Sarre, Ed Stoddard, Brady Vidler, Rohan Waring and Lara Wood. With Dylan Ang, Nicholas Chai, Tom Chatfield,  Daniel Clayton, Harry Holmes and Mitch Watson.

Behind the Scenes: Campbell Hart, Jasper Hatton, James Kay, James Lamb, Kenneth Lo and Ben Rippey, led by Joe Hoedemaker and Toby Murday.

Amor Fati runs from 19 to 22 August in the School Drama Centre. Visit TryBooking for tickets.