Published on: 6 June 2019

Launched in 2018, the School’s year-long program, The Making of Men, has seen over 250 Year 9 boys immersed in life-changing experiences.

Designed to bring boys together at a time when they are experiencing significant adolescent development, the program aligns concepts and narratives explored in the School’s Health and Wellbeing (HWB) curriculum, Outdoor Education program and three week live-in experience, known as On Queenslea Drive (OQD).

During the course of the program, themes such as identity, relationships in their life and purpose/personal strengths are explored in formats that keep the program dynamic and engage different learning styles.

Here is what past participants have said about their experience:

  • The OQD program was for me and I assume my other housemates, a fantastic opportunity to build a closer bond within my House group, discover more about myself, and transition into becoming a better, happier person. At the start I was pessimistic about the idea of leaving my comfort zone for three weeks and was only able to call a small group of people within my House a friend – I was quite wrong. I went on to form a brotherly connection with all my peers and learnt more about myself than I could ever imagine. Looking back on the program, I can say that I am now a happier and better person due to the incredible help and guidance from all the OQD mentors as well as Mr Kayler-Thomson and Mr Shalders. Rory von Altenstadt (Year 10)
  • I found the OQD program to be an interesting and enjoyable experience. It formed strong friendships between those on the program and those supporting it. It was well structured and included fun and eye opening activities which promoted personal growth and understanding more about yourself and others. I would say that I and others have come out of the program better and more considerate people. Theo Klepec (Year 10)
  • My experience on OQD was amazing and completely out of this world. I absolutely loved the activities and hanging out with all my friends. The culture within the program was incredible and I would happily do it again. I got so much out of the program and it brought me closer to all my friends and family. The mother/son and father/son weekends are something to remember. I bonded with both extremely well, especially my dad, as I don’t get to see him during the weekdays while he is working on the farm. It was good just to hang out with him and it made my relationship with my parents so much better. Benji Brockman (Year 10)
  • OQD was probably the best experience of my life. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I also got to learn about the other boys in my House who I had no idea about. I gained skills of co-operation, leadership and organisation. I wish I could do it again. Rhys Solomons (Year 9)

“What’s particularly unique about this program is that it involves the entire community including parents and significant role models, helping ensure our young men develop a strong sense of identity and belonging,” says Head of Year 9 On Queenslea Drive Program, Jarrod Kayler-Thomson.

“We recognise that boys need a world-class education and support during their journey to becoming good men.”

“Rites of Passage are about transitioning in a healthy way from one stage of life to another and the transition from one developmental phase to another involves changes in personal awareness and the learning of new behaviours.”

“Through participation of the program, we are helping develop healthy, resilient and confident young men ready to go out into the world and be leaders and changemakers of the future.”

The Making of Men complements the existing holistic framework of the Christ Church education and its focus on building the inner man.