Published on: 4 April 2019

This week, Christ Church students and staff are celebrating Autism Awareness Week by ‘going blue for Autism.’

Blue wristbands were handed out at the Preparatory Chapel service followed by a presentation by the Autism West Youth Advisory Council on It’s OK to be different, covering their individual life experiences, struggles and successes with Autism.

The Autism West Youth Advisory Council is formed by individuals with Autism who advocate for all people with Autism encouraging acceptance and support by friends and family.

Co-ordinator of the Peter Moyes Centre (PMC) in the Preparatory School Mrs Daniela Chacon said, “It is important for our students, staff and wider community to better understand the condition of Autism.”

“True to the intent of the School’s founder Canon McClemans, who aspired to provide a school that catered for all boys, Christ Church is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive community where individuals are respected and all boys can belong.”

“Our Peter Moyes Centre provides a secure and caring learning environment for boys with a range of disabilities. Currently, we have 15 students in the Prep School with Autism, and by learning about this condition we can all help and support these students.”

The School has been most fortunate to welcome two old boys this week as part of the celebrations. Old Boy and former PMC student Charlie Paganin (’15) will present a book titled Charlie’s Alphabet Book at the Preparatory assembly. Old boy Andrew Mathewson (‘18) will speak at the Senior School Assembly about his experiences with Autism.

Interested in learning more?  Watch this insightful talk by Dr Temple Grandin about the importance of all kinds of minds for the world.