Published on: 27 June 2014

Art students had an opportunity to be talked through an exhibition of significant contemporary Australian art with leading Sydney-based art dealer Michael Reid this week. The exhibition, titled The Colonial to the Personal and curated by Mr Reid, has been open to the public in the School’s Old Boys’ Gallery from 20 June to 29 June.

Mr Reid is the School’s art adviser, was the art writer for The Australian for many years and has published books on collecting Australian art. He and gallery assistant, Toby Meagher, led Years 10 to 12 Art students through the exhibition.

Mr Meagher, who spoke to the Year 10 boys, explained the links between various works, talked about the artists and pointed out some of the pieces’ similarities and differences. He asked the boys for their interpretations before sharing his professional analysis of the works.

Years 11 and 12 Art students attended a public session after school with both Mr Reid and Mr Meagher. WA artist Chris Pearce, whose work is featured in the exhibition, was also a special guest during the session and spoke in greater depth about his art practice.

The exhibition is open from 10.00am to 4.00pm daily and closes this Sunday.