Published on: 12 March 2020

Pulse Perspectives is an annual showcase celebrating WA’s talented young artists and featured among this year’s line-up are the works of 2019 Christ Church graduates Joshua Anderson and Jaaron Davis.

The exhibition is currently being held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia and features the works of 2019 Year 12 Visual Arts graduates from schools across WA.

Blind to the Environment by Joshua Anderson is an art piece comprised of wood, watercolour paint and clear and edge lit coloured perspex.

“Even though we have evolved over time and are known as the intelligent species on our planet, human beings still appear to be blind to many things that we do that directly harms our environment,” says Joshua in describing his piece.

Blind to the Environment comments on the damaging affects economic decisions that men of power in particular are making on the state of our planet, but I wanted to point out that the solutions are there is plain sight too…so there is always hope that we can fight back their destructive nature, if only they can been seen.”

Jaaron Davis’ art creation Falcons (I’m) Diving for Blue Bone comprises of cut out wooden panels, representing the structure of reefs and saltwater butting up to the rich red pindan cliffs on the coast of Jaaron’s home land.

“As a Kalkadoon and Wani man from Mount Isa, living in Broome, place and ‘coming together’ are important values within my life. My artwork has evolved from the themes and concepts surrounding personal belonging, spirituality and aboriginality,” says Jaaron.

“The shape of the whole composition is a symbol that defines a ‘meeting place’, where people would come together after a day of diving and fishing.”

“Water is a significant symbol that brings people, animals and spiritual connections together and my story is reinforced within each panel.”

You can show your support for Joshua and Jaaron by voting for your favourite artist on the AGWA website. Entry to the exhibition is free.