Published on: 27 October 2016

Preparatory School artists have been drawing inspiration from our Senior School students this week, as they visited and deconstructed the artwork on display at the Senior School Art Exhibition.

Head of Art in the Preparatory School, Claire Donald, encouraged the boys to think about the messages the artworks portrayed. 

The Year 1 boys were then encouraged to choose their favourite artwork, provide a suggestion to the artist and ask a question about the work.

“My favourite is the golden music because it is nice and shiny. I would like to ask the artist how he made it that shape,” said a very interested Year 1 boy.

“I like how the artist made these colourful rectangles. I would like to know what they are made of,” commented another.

The Preparatory School boys thoroughly enjoy spending time in the Senior School, looking up to the older boys they aspire to be. This is one of many great advantages of co-locating the Preparatory and Senior Schools.

The Senior School Art Exhibition is open from 8.30am to 4.00pm until Friday 11 November.