Published on: 13 November 2015

This week, the Preparatory boys were fortunate to host author Mark Greenwood and artist and book illustrator Frane Lessac. Mark and Frane spent two days assisting the boys with their creative writing and artistic skills.

Mark led the boys through a collection of historical mystery stories that left more questions than answers. He combined his great storytelling with a captivating style that drew the boys into his every word.

Mark is a very experienced and celebrated author who spent many years working as a musician, touring, recording and performing with the world’s foremost musicians before becoming an author. He has a passion for history and ignites this passion in boys during his sessions.

“My task as a writer is to fossick stories that ‘sparkle’ and make us want to read, hear and understand,” he said.

During his workshop, the Year 3 and 5 boys created a book of ideas for writing their own stories in the future. Over the years Mark has worked with several illustrators including his wife Frane Lessac, who uses her unique style to illustrate children’s books.

While conducting her workshop, Frane shared her fascinating life story with the Year 3 and 5 boys, describing how she started illustrating and how she had worked on numerous books with her husband Mark, including The legend of Moondyne Joe and Ned Kelly and the Green Scarf. During Frane’s workshop, the boys created an illustration based on each story, learning how to include text boxes, miss the central gutter and create interesting layouts.

Teacher Librarian Mary Hookey and Art Teacher Abigail Callow thanked the Parents’ Association for the opportunity to have both Mark and Frane work with and inspire the boys.

“The boys have not stopped talking about the experience. Maybe one day they’ll find the gold Mark gave them clues to find,” said Ms Hookey.