Published on: 20 February 2020


Every year the School celebrates its birthday. This year is special with the School turning 110.

To mark the occasion, a service of rededication and the lighting of the Torch of Learning was held at Christ Church Claremont. Included in the service, led by Father Peter Boyland, was Captain of School Isaac Yeo and Reverend Nicholas Russell. The service was to ‘give thanks for all who in years past have laboured in the School’, and to ‘thank God for his generous hand upon us these one hundred and ten years.’ Once the torch was lit and the prayers of thanksgiving had concluded, the School Prefects, special guests and official party moved across Queenslea Drive and made their way to the Blue Gym. In the gym, all of the students of Christ Church had gathered together with more than 300 staff to celebrate this momentous milestone. We were very lucky to have members of Canon McClemans family join us.

The assembly included some wonderful music from the Jazz Band, and Old boy Trevor Badger (’83) delivered an address to the boys, sharing his experiences as a former boarder at the School and how being associated with Christ Church as an old boy had delivered benefits in both his personal and career life.

“This is one of the finest schools today,” said Trevor during his address. “It is one of the best in Australia both academically and in sporting. Once you come to Christ Church you’ll become an old boy and you’ll remain an old boy forever.” Trevor also delivered words of motivation to the current students, stating “Remaining at the top is far harder than getting to the top, so never give up.”

Included in the service was the recognition of staff members who have served the School for 15, 20 and 25 years.

Years of service acknowledgements

  • 15+ years of service – Mr Jamie Foster, Mrs Jenny Giudice, Mr Anthony Lynch, Mrs Sally Nelson, Ms Glynis O’Neill, Mr Gareth Phillips, Mrs Jay Waugh and Mrs Pam Yordanoff
  • 20+ years of service – Mrs Barbara Bosich, Mrs Marilena Cappelluti, Mr Andrew Jefferies and Mrs Kate Marshall
  • 25+ years of service – Ms Sharyn Bana, Mrs Sue Jensen and Mr Peter Thorne

The School looks forward to continuing its 110-year celebrations throughout the year and involving the school community.

View our Celebrating 110 Years interactive flipbook and 110 Year Birthday Celebration video.