Published on: 29 February 2024

The first two groups of Year 4 students have spent the night on campus for their Little Queenslea Drive experience. This rites of passage program is carefully designed to prioritise socialisation and build connections while offering a positive overnight experience away from home. Aligned with the same philosophies of our Year 9 On Queenslea Drive (OQD) Program and tailored to the Years 3 and 4 Phases of Learning, the objectives of LQD include fostering self-awareness and respect for others through individual and team challenges and group experiences.

The boys participated in a range of exciting activities including team games, raft building, problem-solving challenges, a quiz night, a race around campus, water polo, and dining together in Sandover. The highlight of the adventure was sleeping in our newly renovated Knutsford House, in the dedicated residence for OQD students, further enhancing the sense of togetherness and and camaraderies among the group.

By offering opportunities for students to attempt physical and mental challenges in a supportive environment, LQD aims to boost self-esteem, motivation, and confidence. Additionally, it emphasises personal responsibility, initiative, and interdependence, encouraging healthy relationships, teamwork, and reflection on shared experiences. The remaining two Year 4 groups will undertake their LQD programs next week.