Published on: 8 September 2022

Year 6 boys were treated to a presentation on Enterprise and Economics from CEO of beauty brand Elemis and Christ Church Parent Sean Harrington.

Year 6 Teacher Jack Utting said, “Last year, I had the privilege of teaching Sean’s son.”

“Sean graciously offered to come in and talk to my class about enterprise and economics when he heard that we had developed the Endeavour Project.”

“This project enabled the Year 6 boys to design, create and sell a product to the Christ Church community at a joint market day with MLC.”

“I was so impressed with the content of Sean’s presentation, that I asked him to come into Christ Church again this year to share his business and entrepreneurial skills set with the entire Year 6 cohort.”

Year 6 students Lachlan Pattison and Faisal Jeiroudi summarised the presentation as the following:

“On Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting Sean Harrington (the CEO and Co-Founder of the beauty company Elemis). After we entered the chapel, we had an educational and interesting briefing about how Sean started and created Elemis. He told us that to create a product you need to find a problem and create a solution. Sean explained to us that you need to target certain types of people with a product and find a way for it to help their life. For example, Elemis targets their skin care products towards middle aged men and woman.”

“Later in the presentation, Sean discussed how to promote your business and make it catch someone’s eye if they walk past. Elemis is sold in retail shops world-wide. You can find Elemis in Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, and all throughout England because that’s where it was created and still made. One way you can spot an Elemis store anywhere in the world is because there will be a telephone booth in every shop so that the customers do not forget about where it came from and was founded, England.”

“We were lucky enough to have the chance to sample some of Sean’s creams. He handed out a bunch of different types of products for us to feel and pass around the Chapel. He told us that he wanted to create skin care using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, while ensuring that his products were still affordable for his customers. Sean sources all of his ingredients from England for his products as this gives his products a unique selling point that he can promote.”

“On the way out of that very interesting talk Sean was kind enough to give us a little purse full of Elemis products which we gave to our mums.”