Mt Claremont playing fields


Encouraging our boys to be physically active and enjoy the benefits of sport and recreation is an important and very valued part of what Christ Church Grammar School offers its students and community.

The School has been considering how it can improve the sports facilities it offers students, which are currently spread across multiple sites. The School always thought it ideal to be able to consolidate its sporting fields into a single location and that opportunity has presented itself with the potential to purchase some additional land. The site is immediately adjacent to the existing St John’s Wood playing fields.

Importantly, at this point in time, the School is still in negotiations with the owners of the land so this project is very much in its early stages.

One of the consequences of the opportunity to consolidate all sporting fields into one location is the need to consider options for the development of the Mt Claremont playing fields. As a result the School has commenced a process of engaging with residents/homeowners and the Mt Claremont community as we believe it is important they are appropriately consulted and their voices heard as options for development are considered.

To enable this, the School has engaged a strategic consulting agency, element, which among its suite of services offers community engagement.