St John’s Wood playing fields phase 2

What is happening with the land acquisition and transfer related to St John’s Wood new playing fields?

The School is still negotiating the terms of the sale with the State government. It expects to have completed these negotiations within the next couple of months.

What is planned for the St John’s Wood playing fields?

The School is consolidating all its field sports at the one location in what will be a state-of-the-art facility. The new playing fields will be made available to the community at all times that the School is not using the facility.

Will the public continue to have access to the new playing fields and associated facilities at St John’s Wood?

Yes, the public will continue to have access to the existing playing field facilities at St John’s Wood and the new Brockway playing fields once completed.

When will the consolidated playing fields become available for public use?

At this early stage, it is anticipated that the consolidated playing fields may be available for public use in 2025.

What is the environmental impact of this proposal? Has an Environmental Impact Report been prepared?

An environmental report has been prepared and will be lodged with the Scheme Amendment request.

Was a plan developed for the  McClemans  Road site  previous to  recent community and stakeholder engagement? 

In August 2020 element, on behalf of CCGS, made a submission to the WAPC in relation to the Town of Cambridge draft Local Planning Strategy.

Why is consolidating the playing fields significant?

The School has been looking for an opportunity to consolidate its playing fields. Every week the School uses a bus service to transport close to 1000 boys to training and games at various grounds – this would change with the consolidation. Keeping all the grounds for field based sports, including Cross Country in one place creates a great sense of community.

Consolidating the fields will create a space similar to other PSA Schools. Consolidation means that parents watching various sports can move seamlessly between the sports with no travel and parking expectations. Parents with more than one son can see their boys playing sport in one location on the day.

Does the School currently own the land next to St John’s Wood playing fields?

Yes. The School recently purchased the land from the State government.

How much land is the School hoping to secure?

The land is the size of three football ovals and is bordered by the St John’s Wood playing fields, the John XXIII playing fields and the University of WA playing fields.

Did the School have discussions with neighbouring properties before considering purchasing the land?

Yes. The School has been in conversations with both entities and neither was interested in purchasing the land.

Will there be a pavilion?

The School would be interested in building a pavilion that would service the playing fields.

How long will the purchase process take?

The School is hoping that a decision on the land will be reached in the next three months.

If the School is successful in purchasing the land, when will the grounds be ready for use?

The School estimates between 3 and 5 years.

Like the St John’s Wood playing fields, will the community have access to the new grounds?

Yes. The School would develop the grounds with the expectation of the community using them.

In late September 2022, the School lodged the Development Application (DA) for St John’s Wood Phase 2 with the City of Nedlands.