Academic Policies

Curriculum Policy

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Gifted and Talented Students Policy

Provision of learning and challenge for Gifted and Talented students

All children should have the opportunity to maximise their educational potential through challenging, comprehensive and purposeful educational experiences that are appropriate to their level of development, experience and understanding.

At Christ Church Grammar School, we strive to provide these experiences for all students, including those who are achieving at a level beyond their peers, whilst nurturing the qualities of resilience and perseverance and the overall wellbeing of the student.

Read the Gifted and Talented Students Policy, here.

Full-Fee Paying Overseas Student Monitoring Progress and Attendance Policy

To view the Monitoring Course Progress of International Students Policy, click here.

Protective Behaviours Curriculum Policy

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Assessment and Reporting Policy

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Rewarding Academic Achievement and Endeavour Policy

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Guideline for Homework and Study

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Students Absconding or Going Missing from School Policy

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Literacy policy

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Students with Disabilities Policy

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