Published on: 20 September 2022

The Gryphon is an informal, but important, competition that runs throughout the year and see the boys in the boarding community compete for pride, and the massive Gryphon trophy.

Each group is allocated a Year 12 Captain – who is not a current boarding prefect – who shows interest for the role. The participating students are also encouraged to purchase House hoodie to support their Gryphon Group.

Each Gryphon group is comprised of boarders from two day houses:

  • Doust (Hill and Moyes)
  • Meikle (Jupp and Wolsey)
  • Stove (Romsey and Queenslea)
  • Stretch (Craigie and Noake)

There were four rounds in 2022, made up of aquatic games, eSports, gym games and the weekly Monday night quiz. Doust won the aquatic games, Meikle the eSports, Stretch won the quiz and the gym games (floorball and dodgeball).

After the four rounds of competition, Doust and Stretch were tied on 13 points; Meikle sitting in 3rd on 9 points and Stove in 4th place with 5 points.

The boarders weren’t happy with a tie, so they decided the winner of 2022 should be decided on a tie-breaker game of scissors-paper-rock, which saw Doust come out on top to claim The Gryphon.