Published on: 9 March 2023

Last week, our boarders competed in the first round of the Gryphon Cup. The Cup is the boarding community’s inter-house competition that provides boys with an opportunity to compete with and against all year groups within the community.

The aim of the Gryphon is to foster a culture of civic mindedness, acceptance and camaraderie through the medium of light-hearted, healthy and fun competition. Four boarding house groups are formed by combining two day houses as follows:

  • Doust: Hill and Moyes
  • Meikle: Jupp and Wolsey
  • Stove: Queenslea and Romsey
  • Stretch: Noake and Craigie

The first round comprised of canoe water polo, novelty relays and a bomby competition. The winners on the night were Meikle, who showed great skill and determination to take out the first title of the year and maintain bragging rights until our next round of events.