Published on: 6 June 2024

Last night marked a significant milestone for our community as we officially opened the Academic Resource Centre (ARC). This innovative space integrates the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department, the Senior School Library, and the Centre for Pedagogy, creating a dynamic hub for learning and collaboration.

Over the past month, our students have eagerly embraced ARC, especially as they prepared for their exams. The extended hours during examination periods have been incredibly popular, providing a conducive environment for focused study and collaboration. ARC is already proving to be a versatile space for enriching our students’ education. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting author Mark Smith, who visited the Centre to share his journey and the inspirations behind his books. This event is just one example of how ARC is being used to bring diverse learning experiences to our students.

Students now have access to an array of digital resources, expert research support from our librarians and ICT professionals, and a flexible layout designed to accommodate a variety of learning activities. Whether it’s individual study, group projects, or interactive workshops, ARC is equipped to support it. Staff training sessions and workshops on digital technologies are also offered to ensure the school continues to lead in educational innovation. This will enable teachers to guide students effectively as they navigate and utilise emerging technologies, fostering a future-ready learning environment.

Christ Church Grammar School Principal Alan Jones said, “We owe a great deal of gratitude to the Parents’ Association for their generous donation, which made this state-of-the-art facility a reality. Their support underscores the importance of community in enhancing our students’ educational experience.”