Published on: 22 February 2023

Last week, students from Years 7 to 12 competed in two Informatics competitions.

An elite group of four students competed in the Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad. Around 40 students from across the country were be invited to compete in the Olympiad, which is one of two selection examinations to determine the group of 14 students that will be invited to the 10-day Team Selection School in Sydney at the end of Term 1. From there, four students will be selected for the team to represent Australia at the International Olympiad in Informatics to be held in Hungary later this year.

Over the summer holidays our four students attended the Informatics School of Excellence in Canberra. Only 25 students Australia-wide get invited to attend this school. Old boy and Christ Church Informatics legend Joshua Chen (’22) was an instructor at the school over the summer.

The Canadian Computing Competition also took place, seeing 18 students compete in the first individual informatics competition of the year. The problems in this competition perfectly bridge the gap between the problems our students solve when learning to code in class on the Groklearning platform, and the problems they encounter later in the year when they contest the main event of the season: the Australian Informatics Olympiad.