Published on: 8 March 2018

It was an impressive joining of forces between Christ Church and Guildford Grammar Cadet Units at the recent recruit induction course weekend held at Northam Army Camp.

Both units commenced their training on a Saturday afternoon where cadets learnt how to set up a hootchie and took part in a platoon ice breaker activity. The remainder of the afternoon involved bullring training including camouflage and concealment, introduction to radio communication, knots and lashings, section movement and how to set up webbing.

During the evening, the cadets conducted navigation by night training where they learnt how to use the stars to locate True North, set up a platoon harbor, and learnt how to use hexamine stoves to cook rations.

“The bullring exercises were highly successful and all cadets were taught foundation skills towards their military knowledge,” said Company Sergeant Major CDTWO2 Harrison Kay.

“The cadets had to use their new skills in camouflage and concealment, RATEL and section movement to tactically move around the bush to activate five radios, whilst trying to avoid patrolling senior cadets.”

Day two saw the cadets up at 0530 for a 5km pack march, allowing them to properly adjust their packs and also gain some pack fitness. The cadets participated in the annual inter-platoon tug of war competition which saw 1 Platoon emerge victoriously.

The CSM observed that “The recruit induction course weekend was well received and a highlight for many of our cadets, making it a great start to the cadet training program for 2018.”