Published on: 19 July 2018

A five-year drought has been broken thanks to Gabriel Haselhurst’s recent grand final win at the IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge.

The Year 6 student’s speech about ‘Procrastination’ won the judges hearts, with its humour and brilliant delivery.

Fellow Year 6 students, Aaron Goh and Dilan Baskaranathan, placed 3rd in the preliminary round and 3rd in the grand final respectively.

“All these boys are to be proud of themselves. Each displayed fine public speaking skills and presented speeches with sincerity, depth and conviction,” says Head of the Preparatory School, Richard Wright.

“Special congratulations to Gabriel who is our first boy to win in five years. James Tonnison who graduated from Christ Church last year was, during his Preparatory School years, our previous grand final winner.”

“Parents will be pleased to know that these boys have all benefited from the introduction to Drama and Dance and the Oracy program in our Preparatory School.”

This year’s IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge held at Scotch College involved a total of 45 competitors representing 17 different schools from across Perth.