Published on: 10 May 2018

National Boarding Week is coming up and as part of the week’s activities our Walters Residential Community will celebrate the visibility of a familiar mascot.

Over the term break a flag pole was erected near the entrance to the Walters Residential Community and, from next week, will fly a flag displaying the gryphon, a legendary mythical creature made up of the body of a lion and wings and face of an eagle.

“Boarding has been a part of Christ Church for well over 100 years and the intention of flying the gryphon flag is in recognition of our boarders and their integral role in the school community. Having their own flag on display will ensure that the boys pride in being a boarder lives on,” says Director of the Residential Community, Mr Brad Downing.

“Similar to our existing House emblems, the gryphon has served as an official identity for the Walters Residential Community since 2005 and is there to serve as a source of inspiration, pride and identity for current and future boarders in the Walters community.”

As part of National Boarding Week which is organised by the Australian Boarding Schools’ Association (ABSA) and runs from 13 to 19 May, boarders at Christ Church will participate in various promotional activities, a mini-Olympics highlighting the collaboration of boarding schools in Western Australia, a 1km run in support of ABSA and a friendly table tennis match against day boys on campus.

Captain of the Residential Community Jesse Harvey (Year 12) will have the honour of officially raising the new flag.