Published on: 23 June 2022

The annual Scholars Recital took place on Tuesday with boys on music scholarships displaying their artistry on their selected instruments in the CLC reception.

The performers blew the crowd away with Oscar Gao on solo guitar, Cooper Smeulders on vocal and trumpet, Ares Yin  on trumpet and piano, William Wu on violin, Ben Kao on the saxophone and Ari Fisher on cello, Aiden Tan on guitar, Cy Lendich singing, Jai Rodrigues on classical and electric guitar and William Ji on cello.

The students were accompanied by Ms Martina Liegat and Jude Holland on piano, Joe Grech on guitar and Stella Kelly singing.

The Scholars Recital provides an opportunity for music scholarship students to showcase their talents to a crowd of their peers, family, staff and donors.