Published on: 27 May 2013

Year 4 boys were engaged in learning outside the classroom when they visited Penguin Island last week. The major excursion was an introduction to learning about biomes and the life cycles of animals throughout Term 2.

Year 4 teacher Sarah Stone said 100 boys journeyed to the island for the day where activities included a visit to the Penguin Discovery Centre, a ride on a glass bottom boat and a walk along the boardwalk around the island.

Highlights included watching rescued penguins being fed by the ranger; seeing Seal Island, the waves crashing on the limestone reef along with sea lions, dolphins, pelicans and their chicks; watching a sea lion on the beach and seagulls nesting with their eggs.

“The boys also listened to a talk by the DEC Ranger, played Pingo (penguin bingo), and held turtle and pelican bones,” Miss Stone said. “They were very well behaved and had many compliments from the staff at Penguin Island.”

Here are some writing excerpts from Maria Hodges’ class about the day:

Angus Sheldrick: “We went for a tour of the island first and we saw baby seagulls then a sea lion. It looked like it was dead but it was really just sunbaking. I had a spectacular time on the tour.”

Angus Kay: “In the discovery centre we got to see some penguins that were injured, that is why they are there. A lady walked into the enclosure and started to tell us some facts. The discovery centre is basically a hospital for penguins. She also fed the penguins some fish.”

Samuel O’Brien: “Later we went for a cruise on a glass bottom boat… We were compelled to go on the boat for an adventure… When we got out a little bit the driver pointed out some dolphins! The dolphins swam around the boat… and at one stage they rode the waves behind the boat.”

Harry Williams: “At the end of the day, I felt so happy. I also felt speechless. This is one of the best days in my life. In fact, I think it is the second best day in my life.”