Published on: 9 June 2016

Global warming, small talk, sisters, tanks, Donald Trump, homework, epilepsy, World War I, cats, slang, flying and a very special grandad – these were the topics introduced at the Year 6 Speakers’ Challenge on Wednesday.

With passion, enthusiasm and vibrancy, the presenters had the audience captured with their informative and humorous presentations.

We learnt about the gifts and curses of having a sister, the many slang words in our vocabulary and four important tips to conducting ‘small talk’ effectively. The boys had great expression, projected their voices clearly and involved the audience in their presentations effectively.

Congratulations to all the boys who took part in the challenge, including Sean Morgan, Aditya Barua and Austin Prentice who will present their speeches at the IPSHA Speaker’s Challenge in Week 9.

The Prep School places great importance on public speaking and presentation skills with the boys taking part in numerous oracy programs requiring poetry recitation, book readings, speeches and presentations at varying year levels.