Published on: 18 June 2020

Fourteen impressive speeches were delivered in the Chapel recently as boys went head to head in the Speakers’ Challenge.

The annual event provides Years 5 and 6 boys with the opportunity to test their public speaking skills while using minimal props as they focus on voice projection, pace, expression and suitability of content for a specific audience.

A wide range of topics were explored, and congratulations to the following winners:



Year 5
1st place – Edward Keogh (Beards)
2nd place – Terence Soon (Mr Mistake)

Year 6
Equal 1st place – Ari Fisher (Life is a video game)
Equal 1st place – Sam Meyer (If you snooze you win)

Event Coordinator, Mrs Paula Ellis said, “We place a great emphasis on public speaking and presentation skills in the Preparatory School with boys taking part in various programs throughout the year requiring poetry recitation, book readings, speeches and presentations at varying year levels.”

“The Speakers’ Challenge prepares our boys for the Senior School, with things such as House Debating and Public Speaking competitions.”

“Well done to all boys who presented on the day and for giving it their very best.”

All speeches from this year’s Speakers’ Challenge can be enjoyed here.