Published on: 22 October 2015

As part of our Humanities and Social Science program, Year 3 boys have been learning about the importance of symbols and emblems.

To begin their studies, they read the book Anzac Ted, the story of a teddy bear who went to war and returned an unsung hero. This inspired the boys to learn more about the role of the Anzacs in Gallipoli.

As part of their learning, the boys watched footage of Gallipoli, read books, wrote stories, created badges, poppies, wreaths, slouch hats, picked rosemary, made Anzac biscuits and finally, created their own Anzac Ted.

Year 3 teacher Sally-Ann Lee said the boys had a wonderful time delving in to the lives of our Anzacs and attained a great depth of knowledge while doing so.

“We had fun researching symbols and facts about the Anzacs. We also had fun making the symbols and hats for our Anzac Ted. At war, they were mascots to the soldiers and encouraged them to fight. The Anzac Teds were heroes.” Jeremiah Wang

“I liked learning the history about Anzac Day and learning about the rising sun.” Ben Frank

“The Anzacs risked their lives for us.” James Macgregor

“We learned about why the Anzacs fought. I liked making the bears and the symbols.” Hamish Rea

“I liked learning about the war and making Anzac Ted’s badges, hat, his box and his poppy.” Jonah Haniker