Published on: 11 February 2016

On Wednesday 10 February, the Christ Church preparatory school was on show for a group of enthusiastic prospective families. Principal Alan Jones spoke with the families, before head of the preparatory school, Richard Wright, and pre-primary to year 2 co-ordinator, Holly Miller, provided the group with an insight into a boy’s journey at Christ Church.

“Seeing the world through the eyes of a five year old boy is quite special,” said Mrs Miller.

“We pride ourselves in recognising that boys have a multitude of strengths, and we use this knowledge to engage them in and outside of the classroom.”

Mrs Miller spoke with the group about the early learning program, the exceptional teaching staff and the need to strike a balance between having fun and achieving academic excellence.

“It is about building a relationship, making a connection, and creating a safe and comfortable environment so the boys feel happy to take risks and embrace their learning.”

“The boys spend their time creating, building, exploring, inspiring their senses and extending themselves, while building on their many intelligences.”

Mrs Miller, who has spoken at a variety of national and international conferences, is passionate about the early learning of boys. She will also speak with interested families on Wednesday 27 April. To register your interest click here.