Published on: 6 February 2015

A new program was launched in the Preparatory School this week to help Year 6 boys develop their leadership skills ahead of their Senior School journey.

Director of Pastoral Care, Planning and Co-Curricular (Deputy Head) Maria Hodges said after engaging in the Prep School’s character-building reward and recognition program the Champion Quest, the Knight’s Quest was a new personal challenge for Year 6 boys, focused on building moral virtues and integrity.

The Knight’s Quest has the Prep School’s Knightly Virtues program at its core with all boys engaging in the language of the Knightly Virtues from Pre-Primary. The virtues program, based on research conducted by the Jubilee Research Centre at the University of Birmingham’s School of Education, aims to develop and inspire key moral virtues and personal development within students.

The Knightly Virtues, at the heart of the new quest’s ‘Knightly code’, include honesty, justice, self-discipline, love, courage, gratitude, service and humility.

“Like the Champion Quest, our Year 6 boys receive a passport with eight virtues to engage with on their personal quest. To gain a knighthood, or a ‘shield’, there must be a proven demonstration of that virtue,” Mrs Hodges said.

This involves working through a booklet independently and gaining nominations from teachers, parents, peers, tutors, the School, community or classroom. A panel, including Prep teachers, education assistants and leadership staff, judges the nominations. Shields can be achieved in any order and boys can choose their level of engagement in the quest.