Published on: 3 February 2016

This week, 42 boys joined the Christ Church preparatory school in pre-primary, while 51 boys joined the year 4 cohort. Head of the preparatory school, Richard Wright said it was a fantastic week for old boys and new, finding their way, making new friends and settling into life at Christ Church.

“It has been fantastic welcoming so many new families to the school and of course, welcoming our returning boys and families,” he said.

“We have a year full of exceptional Christ Church experiences and I encourage our boys to dive into the year with great energy and determination.”

Holly Miller, head of the early learning centre said the pre-primary boys loved playing outside in the playground, especially playing with the water pump and the mud kitchen. Inside they have been busy painting, drawing, building and impressing their teachers with how creative they are. The boys have met their special friend Twiggle from the PATHS program and are learning about being a good friend and how to solve problems.

Sarah Stone, year 3 and 4 teacher co-ordinator said the year 4 boys had swimming trials in preparation for the house swimming carnival in week 3 and they thoroughly enjoyed their first sport lesson. Next week, the boys will be participating in team building exercises at HBF Stadium. These exercises give them the opportunity to get to know each other and develop teamwork skills, whilst having a lot of fun.