Published on: 26 February 2015

All Year 4 boys participated in a team-building day recently aimed at creating a sense of belonging within the cohort while developing each boy’s teamwork and friend-making skills and personal resilience.

During the new day long-event, run by Teamworks Development Australia at HBF Stadium, the boys completed the Tips for Success program. Years 3 and 4 Learning Co-ordinator Jane London said the day, made possible by Parents’ Association Artist-in-Residence grant; included a range of challenging activities where the boys needed to work together solve problems or support each other to complete a physical challenge.

“As Year 4 is an intake year, half of the cohort is new and it can take time for the boys to become known to each other, establish friendships and feel part of the community. The aim of the day was to help facilitate a quick ‘settling in’ period and strengthen relationships with other boys, as well as teachers, early in the year,” she said.

Ms London said she hoped the day would benefit the boys in establishing effective relationships and friendships, teach boys how to be supportive ‘mates’ and increase levels of resilience. “The Year 4 teachers will also be able to use the experiences of the day as a common language and reference point when teaching elements of the PATHS, Virtues and Health programs.”